Peoria Proud encourages and supports diversity and equality throughout the Peoria Metropolitan Area. The coalition seeks to unify the community as a whole, through advocacy, education and social outreach. 

Peoria Proud envisions cities, towns, and communities where all segments of the Queer Community are welcomed and thriving.  

Our mission statement is supported by our goals, which are as follows:

• Build and maintain our organization to a level that ensures we have resources; in the form of information, funds, staff, and supporters to progress in our work with the greatest possible effect
• Ensure that our vision, message, and full support are accessible to the broadest range of ethnic and cultural communities
• Empower the youth in our community by offering safe spaces to learn and grow, fostering leadership skills and providing the tools necessary to be successful in their future
• Maintain an organization that encourages the active participation and support of all people who share our Mission and Values in order to help us achieve our goals.
• Provide venues and opportunities for individual and community growth.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with community partners to further broaden and strengthen the services and support that our organizations bring to the community.

Peoria Proud keeps our values at the forefront of everything we do. These are our values:



Everyone has a right to equitable treatment, support for their rights, and to not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, sexuality, religion, age, religious belief, disability, social class or background. Achieving social justice requires eliminating gaps in understanding between different social groups and promoting and challenging injustice.



Engaged and committed to providing the community with skills, resources, motivation and opportunity. Actively encouraging self-advocacy and pride to assist allies and the community in sharing information and initiating change.



Working collaboratively with others to bring awareness to issues of diversity and volunteerism. Networking with the community to support a common agenda of resource equity for all.



Open to everyone.



A state of complete ability to act, speak and think as one wants without restraint, not merely the absence

of visible discrimination. A community where freedom is accessible to all, and not taken for granted, but

valued amongst one another in respect.