LGBT DoCCS is a community driven resource that will utilize YOUR experiences in healthcare to help provide a comprehensive list of LGBTQ+ affirming providers in the Peoria area.


As a community member who identifies as LGBTQ+, you may fill out an anonymous survey to report a positive experience you had with a provider in the area.


These responses will then be used to assess local providers on their competencies, and create our comprehensive provider list.


As a community member, you may recommend a health care or mental health provider by filling out the following survey:




Have you utilized the directory to visit a provider and want to provide feedback?  Fill out this survey to keep our directory up-to-date:


Directory listings coming soon!



LGBT DoCCS does NOT serve to replace any formal clinical decision-making or healthcare counseling. LGBT DoCCS solely acts as a supplemental tool for community members in their search for LGBTQ+ affirming providers.

LGBT DoCCS is based on the following externally validated study:


We are in search of Board and Committee Members!

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